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My name is Jessie Kretzer Graham

I am a healthy living enthusiast, a business owner, aka a “9 to 5 Rebel”. I am a proud mother to two son’s who are career musicians. I am married to Harry Graham, we split our life between Maryland and SC, because I am also a beach enthusiast, it’s where my heart sings the longest and where much of my writing is inspired. The joy of my life is to encourage others that they may live their best life and do what they love for a living.


I’ve been a 9 to 5 Hero, working full-time in the public and private sector.  I’ve also worn the high-heels and carried the briefcase, of the 9 to 5 working mom! I believed I could have it all, until I realized, if I had it all in terms of a family AND a career, it came at a cost of someone always sacrificing. For me, since my faith and my family came first, it was my health and time for self-care that was sacrificed.   


I was that revolutionary woman who left corporate to go home in the 90’s! At first it was a culture shock, but I was quick to blazed my own trail as a full-time Mom. I was the stay-at-home Mom that didn’t stay at home when the boys were in school. I volunteered in leadership positions at their school, in their activities and at church. 


When faced with the most expensive season of life, aka college years and my position as a domestic engineer being abolished, I faced the chapter called “empty nester” head on. I decided to start my own business around my passion of wellness and healthy living. 


I wanted to be my own boss! I wanted to set my own hours, align my work with my passions and gifts, make a difference, use my leadership skills and have unlimited income potential. 

A 9 to 5 Rebel was born.. 

What Makes Me Tick..

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