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Meditations by the Sea

A collection of 32 short meditations that include a prayer starter and a place to journal. Most meditations are paired with a song to compliment the thought. Each meditation is written from the perspective of being alone with God by the sea and appreciating different aspects of a trip to the beach.


Meditations by the Sea is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle form. If you would like to purchase a signed copy, please feel free to contact me via email

9 to 5

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9 to 5 Rebel

As I said, I take my life experience and run it through my HOPE filter. I've been an entrepreneur since 2005, educating others on how to live healthy inside and out and reclaim their best life. I was also an upstanding 9 to 5 hero and a working mom, in the 80's when the headlines read, "You can have it all!" I'll tell you what that headline didn't say! Raising two sons that are career musicians helped fuel my passion for the 9 to 5 Rebel. Read more about my journey and why I feel called to encourage that 9 to 5 rebel on their way as a musician, an artist, or a small business owner.

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You just knew that you were cut out to be your own boss. There was no question that you could not live your life in a cubicle or survive on two weeks vacation a year, let alone have to beg, mediate, or negotiate for a flexible work schedule or a day off.  Hard work is not something that scared you away, you just wanted to work for something you were passionate about while you design your day, your week, and your future. Is that really asking for too much out of life? You didn't expect it to be easy, but sometimes you just need that daily dose of encouragement from someone who has gone the course and stayed the course and is there to help adjust your daily perspective and fuel you with just enough wisdom to continue to believe in your decision and go at it for yet another day.

I have been blessed with mentors most of my life. Not just mentors in business, but also mentors in life. When you choose the path less traveled, one thing you need is a daily dose of encouragement.  Look no further. Be sure to subscribe to my blog as this is one of the places I encourage your kind, while the book is in the making. As a business owner, often the lessons you learn in business are also the lessons you apply in real life. That is the beauty of building a business, as you stay the course and take the knocks as they come and learn through them, you become the best version of yourself and you have much to pay forward. I have mentored others in their own businesses for over 14 years at the time of this writing and I look forward to virtually mentoring you as you soak up my insight. I hope you will adopt a "but wisdom first" kind of attitude along with your cup of coffee or tea, setting your mind in a healthy place before you jump into that never-ending to-do list of a 9 to 5 rebel.


Dancing Gracefully with Cancer

I know that you can dance gracefully with cancer, because I had a front row seat to this one for 11 years. I've had 22 years to process and realize this truth. My Mom left this world in 1997, after taking everything cancer had to offer. Her attitude was remarkable, she was a fighter, a trooper, and a hope dealer. I've watched many families go down this same road over the last 22+ years. It's hard, and I realize many can benefit from hearing my mother's story of how our family navigated that road. She left this world with dignity and a legacy and I promised her that her pain would not go in vain. This book is her story and my kept promise to my mom. If there is one thing my mother loved to do, it was to encourage others, and I consider it a high honor to continue what she began and use her story to bring hope along the way for others.

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